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 Echinococcosis 2016 : echinococcosis from Rio de la   Plata to the wide world : data of interest.


 Author: Antonio L.TURNES   lvl=notice_display&id=88584


 Advances in Parasitology Volume 96, Pages 1-406 2017   Echinococcus and Echinococcosis,


 Part A&B Edited by  R.C.A. Thompson, P. Deplazes and     A.J. Lymbery     echinococcosis-part-a/thompson/978-0-12-811471-1

 Echinococcus and Echinococcosis PartA
 Edited by R,C,A Thompson, P.Deplazes ,AJ.Lymbery
 Pages 1-526(2017)

 Epidemiology Textbook of  Prevalent diseases in Iran

 Volume1- Communicable Diseases



 Genotypic and Phenotypic Characterization of   Echinococcus Granulosus

 Asma Abdul Latif, Tanveer Akhtar, Muhammad Saleem   Rana

 Lap Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH KG, 2012     Characterization-Echinococcus-Granulosus/dp/3659114014


 Echinococcus and Hydatid Disease 1st Edition byR C A  Thompson (Author), Alan J Lymbery (Author)  R-Thompson/dp/0851989101



 Hydatid Disease: Current Medical and Surgical  Management 

 by David L. Morris and K. Sylvia  Richards  1992  Surgical-Management/dp/0750613793



 Hydatidosis of the Central Nervous System: Diagnosis  and Treatment

Cestode Zoonoses: Echinococcosis and Cysticercosis:  An Emergent and Global problem 

Authors: Philip Craig, ‎Zbigniew Pawłowski – 2002


Research Center for Hydatid Disease in Iran - Books